How to start a blog is, obviously, a very important question when one is starting out online with a new blog site or an old one and wants to know how to do it. Blogging, or simply blogging, has become more than just something that people did at school or college in their spare time, it has also become an Internet phenomenon that many people do every single day. The Internet allows you to make money and become financially stable as a blogger if you start your blog correctly. If you know the steps on how to start a blog then this is very easy indeed.

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To get started with blogging quick start step 2 is to get yourself a Bluehost blog server. This is the easiest step in the whole process of blogging and also has the advantage of being the most popular. Bluehost is owned by Google and is thus one of the best places to host a blog on the Internet, especially if you are new.

Next step in the how to start a blog process is to sign up for a free Bluehost blog account and install all the necessary WordPress plugins. The plugins required for WordPress to be installed properly and also enable you to add new pages and articles to your blog. The three most important plugins you need to install are All-in-One-SEO, Yoast SEO and WordPress Currency. These are what will make your content appear in the search engines, the dashboard and the footer of your website, if you choose to include them.

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